One of the most important things happening in the world of web design and Internet marketing is a trend called “responsive layouts”. If you haven’t heard of this before you may want to pay attention. Responsive layouts are a user-centric element of design that allows a website to fit universally to any screen or wireless device being used. Using what are called “fluid grids” responsive layout makes web design available no matter where or on what device a person decides they need the information. Because of this some small businesses have quickly outpaced other small businesses by being far more friendly and appealing to mobile device users. This, my friends, is much bigger than aesthetics, it’s the difference between making a sale and finding yourself on the forgotten side of the net.

Mobile phone advertising has become one of the most important ways to reach your audience. The number of people who have a smart phone in their pocket is sky rocketing and with a smart phone you better believe that mobile searches for goods and services has quickly out-paced internet searches when it comes to sales conversion. In short, a person searching for you on their phone is 60% more likely to use a click-to-call hotlink and actually complete a sale with you, than someone searching on their computer is likely to fill out a landing page. Websites are the frontline for a company’s marketing, and making your site accessible to those with mobile devices means that you can keep pace with their busy lives while raising your sales conversion rates by leaps and bounds.

One more piece of good news: mobile advertising is very easy to integrate with call analytics so that you can take full advantage of the mobile marketing world carefully selecting those marketing efforts that are having the biggest success and streamlining your investments into profits. One company that has a handle upon affordable and top-of-the-line software for small business mobile marketing is Log My Calls.  This is the year of responsive layouts, and your online presence should both reflect that and optimize the benefits of mobile advertising or you will have trouble competing.

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