Many careers require a finished education before you can do any actual work in the field. Consequently, it’s easy to give less effort in your classes, because you can’t see how multivariable calculus could have anything to do with becoming a good engineer.

Since you can’t always see how the concepts you’re learning in class apply to the real world, you don’t always have a drive to actually learn the concepts. You may get a good grade, but you might not hold onto that information as well as you’ll wish you did.

The real world has a tendency to make you regret not paying better attention in class. Many graduates wish they could go back to master a concept, long after their opportunity for classroom learning has passed.

Web design and development differs in this way. It is a unique major that can actually be completed while freelancing your own work.

You can actually develop a professional reputation, a revenue stream, experience and working toward your degree at the same time. Working in the real world at the same time as you study gives you the drive to learn everything you can from your classes.

There is a large market for freelance web design and development professionals, even if they have limited experience. You can become a developer with a limited amount of skills.

Some businesses just need a rudimentary skill set to get a web page up. Small businesses in particular often just want to create a presence on the internet with a simple page.

They’re often not looking for anything fancy. They’re just looking for something functional.

They could spend a lot of time learning to do it themselves, or they can find a programmer that could do it for a more reasonable price. All the web developer needs is the determination to find a potential employer and the ability to create a site to meet the company’s needs.

Although you still want to finish your education in web design and development to get a complete skill set quickly, you don’t need it to qualify for some of the lower paying jobs. You have the unique opportunity of getting a head start.

Getting a head start in your own business will teach you how to find your own clients, make money doing what you love and find application for what you’re learning in school. Going to school helps you become a better developer.

They create a symbiotic relationship that will maximize your use of your educational resources, while building a name for yourself. Who says you have to be helpless while going to school?

Why not get a head start on your future career? Your family will thank you for it.

Your budget will thank you for it. Your marketability will rise for it.

Compliment your web design and development degree with real world experience. You won’t regret your decision and you’ll become a more rounded individual for it.

You might even decide that freelance is the career for you. You would be well suited to work in almost any entry-level corporate position as well.

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