There is no magical formula for creating the perfect logo.

A logo is a design or symbol that one uses to identify their unique brand. Companies use logos to separate themselves from their competition and every company strives for it to be recognized on a global level. An effective logo is a true representation of the values, brand and concept of a business. They should be simple in appearance with many layers of meaning behind them.

Utilizing the psychology of marketing can lead to creating a very successful logo. When it comes to design, certain colors can create a specific feeling in consumers. Red is symbolic of power while green symbolizes wealth. You will notice that a lot of the biggest companies in the world use these two colors and both of the meanings behind them are common charter traits used when describing them. The font of the writing (if there is any) also creates a specific feeling about the company. Lettering that is simple or solid can give the impression of a casual, approachable company. Lettering that is cursive or more official can give the impression of status or power. Both styles are respectable and depend on the type of impression the company wants to give. Even the shape of the logo can be influenced by the understanding of the human mind and what signals certain symbols send to the brain.

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