Young minds are very impressionable and the youth of today are no exception.

Society has made children increasingly immature while acting years beyond their age. It is not uncommon to see a 5 year old playing on an iPod or an 8 year old texting a friend from school. What used to be teenage milestones are now elementary school rites of passage. And kids are learning adult themes and concepts thanks to an ever-increasing social media network.

Although these facts are understood, companies continue to market their products to the younger generation. But why? And should something be done to stop them?

Companies market to children because it is a direct connection into a household. Parents may want to think that they rule the house but when it comes down to it, a persistent child will almost always get what he or she wants. During the holidays, television is bombarded with advertisements of new toys, gadgets and movies because the kids ultimately determine the consumer spending habits of the family. It is also genius brand marketing. Companies want to establish memories with a child in the hopes that as that child ages, he or she will continue to purchase that product or brand. Businesses are attempting to establish lifelong customers.

As was previously stated, children are growing up too fast. Exposing them to products or concepts that are more suitable for an older age-group can be viewed as unethical and irresponsible. Too often, children are trading in days spent outside, playing with friends, to be situated in front of a television set playing violent, simulated video games. Businesses should strive to enhance the youth of today and be sure that they are acting ethically in their marketing techniques.

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