When launching a social media campaign via Facebook, there are two options available: a centralized campaign or a localized campaign. With a centralized campaign, you have one “corporate” Facebook page for everybody everywhere (example: The Official Taco Bell); with a localized campaign, you have several different Facebook pages for different locations (for example: Taco Bell USA, Taco Bell Australia, etc.). The type of campaign you end up launching will ultimately dictate if you use the same Facebook page template or several variations of a template. Having trouble deciding which campaign best suits your company’s interest? Read on to find out more about how each campaign functions.

Launching a Localized Facebook Campaign

A localized Facebook campaign involves setting up several different Facebook pages for varying locations. If your company is international, this can be a great way to run a social media campaign. International language barriers can sometimes be a problem if your company only has one corporate site; by setting up several Facebook pages in key locations throughout the world, you’ll sidestep this potential barrier. However, on the downside, your fan base will be spread out over a couple of Facebook pages instead of being consolidated into one group. Additionally, if you plan on launching several Facebook pages, they should each have exclusive page templates. Each page template should be uniquely designed for that particular location.

Creating a Centralized Facebook Campaign

There are many obvious pros to creating a centralized campaign; for example, your fan base will all be consolidated into one nice, large number; this is one the primary goals in launching a social media campaign. Second, your company’s message will be consistent you won’t have to stress over making sure that your corporate message is consistent across several Facebook pages. However, there are a few things to pay attention to when launching a corporate campaign. First, you’ll want to create a Facebook template that isn’t exclusively designed for one audience, especially if your company is international. Second, you’ll need to brainstorm unique ways to interact with your audience. Since having one main Facebook page will make it difficult to run localized promotions, you’ll need to find a way to be relevant to your entire audience.

Is It Possible to Do Both?

The answer to this question is tentatively yes. However, with that being said, it’s not always recommended that you launch both a corporate and a localized Facebook campaign. Things can, and sometimes do get messy when a company attempts to do this (unsuccessfully). There are a few things that can go wrong; for starters, people get confused about which page to “like”. Do they like the official Facebook page, the local Facebook page, or both? In addition to possibly causing unneeded confusion for consumers, you’ll have to make a separate Facebook page template for both the corporate page and the localized pages; depending on how many localized pages you have, this can amount to quite a bit of work. It’s best to choose one strategy and stick with it not only for the sake of consumers, but for your own peace of mind, as well.


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