Email marketing is a quick and simple way to reach a large number of potential clients and at the same time keep in touch with your current clients. In current times where everyone carries their inboxes with them everywhere on their smartphone, it means that you can reach anyone anywhere and at any time. Other top reasons why email marketing is the way to go include:

  • A personalized touch – With a tool like targeted email marketing you can send personalized emails to target audience. The recipient is going to get an email that is directly addressed to them and they will want to open it and read the contents.
  • Increased web traffic – You can include links to your business’s sites in the inboxes that you send your emails. Since your recipients just have to click on the link and get redirected to your site, this will increase traffic to the site. This will be a great way for them to find out about current information, services, products, events and content that they may not have signed up for and thus generate interest.
  • Cheap – When compared to traditional marketing campaign, it will be significantly cheaper because you do not have to pay for postage and printing. This will save the business some money that can be directed to other areas in the business to help it grow.
  • Tracking – It is quite easy to get results for your email marketing campaign because you can track how many emails were sent, opened and clicked on. The results will help you to gather information and make the necessary changes to improve the response rate.
  • Build relationships – Regularly keeping in touch with potential and current clients is a good way of carrying out relational marketing. By sending regular emails, your recipients will feel connected to the business which will make them long for your emails.
  • Keep your recipients informed: Sending out weekly or monthly emails about business updates and specials is one good way to keep your clients coming back for more. Instead of sending expensive emails that may not get opened, you can come up with content that the recipients can easily scan for discounts and specials that will add value to their lives.
  • It is fast – It takes no time to send out an email but obviously, the process of writing and proof reading the content can take time.

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