If you run a small business, chances are you cannot afford to hire a personal accountant. This means like many other business owners, you are forced at times to abandon your main passion, which is the core of your business to do bookkeeping, something you are probably not too good at!

Since you cannot fail to keep records however, you have most likely resigned yourself to your miserable fate, at least until you can get enough to hire an actual accountant. However, this need not be the case. If you have a smartphone, here are some business software solutions that could really come through for you.

1. Expensify

How many nights have you had to stay up late, struggling to read ineligible scrawling on small pieces of paper and the information on crumbled receipt papers so that you can transfer this to your spread sheet?

Well with Expensify you can kiss those nights goodbye. This ingenious app allows you to take a snap of a receipt and it immediately transforms the information there in into neatly organized records. So from now on all you will ever have to do to prepare expense results is snap away! How cool is that?

2. Chargify

The secret to getting your products sold quicker nowadays is to provide an online platform where they can be sold. Even better would be if you had a subscription service for your customers and you offered online discount codes, you would have plenty of visitors trooping in to buy.

However, as much as you know this, it might be proving a bit difficult to set up such an arrangement, especially if you are not an IT genius and you are swamped enough as it is, trying to run the business. This is where Chargify comes in handy.

The app allows you to manage special offers easily and coupons online, as well as renewing subscriptions and varying the dates of expiry.

3. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an app that allows you to keep your invoice records, both the ones you receive and the ones you send in an organized, simple and easy to monitor way, making sure that you do not lose track of any important data.

The app also automates some of the common steps in record keeping, saving you time and making your life much easier. The best thing is that the app has combined with other apps such as Expensify to make everything more streamlined.


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