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Concept Seven Studio is a Digital Marketing Agency in Columbus Ohio. Specializing in Logo Branding and Website Design Services. Crafting creative communications and strategic marketing plans with cost effective and logical thinking. An integrated approach in logo's, brand development, web development, brochures, flyers, booklets, catalog's, advertising, environmental signage and much more...


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Digital Marketing Agency | Logo Design Services | Website Design & Development | Columbus Ohio


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Internet Marketing Service

A business just isn't a business without website presence. It is about availability 24x7. The office may be closed but, the customer can access information when and wherever they want. Do you have a plan to meet that expectation? Is your website answering your customers questions? What is your website design strategy and does it increase your business connection with the customer. Simple website design has evolved over the years, the trend of Flash based websites has come and gone. We believe in function over flair, intellectual over gimmicks, clean concise navigation and of course branding that impacts the overall message.


Let us assist in the details and partner with you in your business internet marketing strategies.
We can help you with many components to your web presence and success. Get going in the right direction in website design and development, seo, target market, navigation planning, image and branding, social marketing, blog integration, advertising, retail, communication and more.

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Logo Design Service

We've been developing and managing company brands for nearly 20 years. Building logo's, visuals, photography, messaging and strategies with the ultimate goal to increase business success in today's market place. Resources in all creative communication services; a Graphic Design Agency with all the answers you've been looking for. Check out our blog for ongoing tips, suggestions and all the services we have to offer. We apply graphic design and website design communication into online presence and print materials (promotion, direct mail, collateral and sign services.


Concept Seven Studio is a long established business offering graphic design, website design and logo design services to individuals, small and large businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio and beyond. Experience, resources and a team to assist in Brand Identity & Logo developement , Website Design strategy, printing resources and production. We continue to expand and evolve striving for quality and efficient solutions.

Marketing Integration

Brand Identity

Writing on the Wall

Advertising is more interactive than ever before. Build your online marketing communications by putting together campaigns on the internet with website ads and links that will drive important visitors to your branded website.

Logo Design Services

Logo Design & Branding

Need to establish a logo identity for your organization or company? Launch with a fresh new logo design and get started with image impact.

Website Development Services

The Digital
Balance Beam

A website design marketing plan with a good balance of an internet voice,integrated social media and search engine optimization will touch a wider audience. Mix it up and make everyone happy.


Printing Services

Printing with
Green Ink

Green friendly printing and natural based inks with concept seven studio will not only make an impact on your printed marketing materials it will also impact our environment and reduce the effects on our planet.

Studio Projects


"What a great creative team at conceptsevenstudio, started with my company logo design and then built my communications around my new branding. Everything I wanted and needed for the price my budget allowed ".